Fermentation and Benefits: The What

Fermentation has been around for a while as a healthy way to preserve food – it allows vegetables to keep more of their vitamins and minerals and live microbes within the fermented veggies are there for better digestion. European and Asian cultures have been using lactic-acid fermentation extensively and the high vitamin (Vitamins B and C) in sauerkraut and kimchi was essential in preventing certain illnesses like scurvy - we’re thinking Pirates and Sea Merchants were big fans of the stuff.

What once was thought as “weird” is now being sought-after as a healthy and delicious food staple. It’s our pleasure and intent to introduce you to the deliciousness of the raw ingredients or as part of our distinct recipes to be enjoyed as a side or as a full meal.


Lactic Acid Fermentation: The How

Lactic-Fermentation is a natural process with no artificial additives.  Lactic acid-forming bacteria are already there in almost all vegetables and fruits and once you add some salt and a bit of moisture to the party, things start to get interesting.  The bacteria loosen up and get to their happy place –  breaking down sugars and resulting in two new players: lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The lactic-acid gets to work creating the great flavors in the food, while the salt prevents the food from spoiling in a bad way.  Oh, and the carbon dioxide just does its own thing and bubbles off – which is why you see “fizzing” in naturally fermented foods.