We’re brothers Chris & Mark, raised by a culinary “dynamic duo” of parents who are known for bringing people together around great food and good times.  

Our Mama would create new recipes outside of her Polish background while our Tata (tah-ta = dad) would meticulously prepare traditional Polish recipes – and then there’s our bad ass Babcia (bahb-cha = grandmother), the ultimate survivor, organic farmer, family matriarch, and wonder woman – who would whip-up traditional Polish staples and amazing pierogi at her grandchildren’s request.  

They inspired us to be curious about great food, try new and exciting things, and use fresh, natural ingredients while respecting tradition and where our food came from – bad food was not allowed and mentioning we wanted “fast-food” led to a dissertation about ingredient-origins or how it wasn’t “real food”. 

Pickling, fermenting, making dumplings and other Polish culinary traditions are part of who we are, and throughout the years (through our culinary curiosity, training, and background) we’ve been re-imagining them in new and distinctive ways – having fun sharing our take on these foods with our friends and family. 

Today, we're taking that grounding in real, delicious, and interesting food and sharing it with you – creating fun, distinctive, and delicious food inspired by our family and heritage.