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Our story


meet the chow brothers

We’re two brothers and Chicago natives raised in a Polish household of amazing cooks – our heritage guides our love of Central-European gastronomy while our culinary curiosity, practice, and training inspire our journey to elevate & reimagine the amazing cuisine from this region.

Our parents are hardworking immigrants and mindful urban-gardeners with a heritage rooted in good food and responsible farming practices. We grew up growing fresh veggies in our backyards in Chicago while also pickling, fermenting, making dumplings, and creating other culinary traditions passed down through generations.



Our food & ingredients

We reimagine traditional cuisine as fun street food – creating fresh, delicious, and distinctive natural flavors using authentic preparations for discerning palettes, modern diets, and busy lifestyles.

Something for everyone (V, VG, GF Included): gourmet pierogi and other traditions created through pickling, fermenting, brewing, braising, and other culinary magic

We believe in supporting local farmers and artisans by not only sourcing from them, but also helping share their stories with our customers.  We will be including them soon in this section. Stay tuned...


Babcia's Influence

Babcia (bahb-cha) means grandmother in Polish and growing up, she was the Queen of Pierogi.  When she would bust-out her pierogi making skills, we watched her with awe (and drooling mouths) making the stuffed wonders.  We saw her meticulous attention in making the dough, preparing the filling, and getting the crimp perfect – quality control and flavor preservation were essential.  Our bad-ass babcia was the ultimate survivor, organic farmer, family matriarch, and wonder woman who always loved whipping up traditional Polish staples and amazing pierogi at her grandchildren’s request.

Babcia is an inspiration and we take the lessons she taught us, and perseverance she gracefully embodied, to add our own somethin’-somethin’ in reimagining tradition and elevating flavors in delicious ways – always evolving and exciting with new, distinct, and seasonal varieties of her traditions.

Babcia is proud – we asked for her approval.