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Vinegar & Brine Online Market

(coming winter 2017 - temporarily unavailable as we prepare to open)

For holiday Order Inquiries, email HELLO@THECHOWBROTHERS.COM 


Gourmet Pierogi /pe'ro:gi/

Elevate your love of dumplings with our deliciously-distinctive gourmet pieriogi rooted in tradition and reimagined with amazing flavors that will make you reconsider some dining choices you've been making lately (it's OK, we're here for you and we'll get through this together). 

Mama taught us + Babcia (baHb-cha=grandmother) approved = better mother-luvin' pierogi for all.

Enjoy our delicious pierogi anytime at home for a delicious dinner or quick snack.  Shop Here or pick up at our Loop location.


vinegar & Brine

  • Got a little obsession for all-things-pickled?  
  • Looking to add some probiotic balance to your diet?

We got you covered with healthy-goodness in various delicious AF forms. Our pickled (vinegar) and fermented (brine) goods are meant to be enjoyed in different ways - like eating the whole jar in one sitting (we don't judge) or adding a little tangy & zesty magic to all your meals.

Level-up your brunch and party game with our Party Packs - veggies & brine to enhance your Bloody Mary's or add a Pickle-Back to your healthy love of all-things whisky.  

You can find our pickled & fermented goods here online and at our Loop location.


Brewed & more

You're probably getting a sense right now that we like to have a good time and make fun happen with all our food.  So, why wouldn't we create beverages to add different flavor to your everyday hydration needs or your cocktail and happy hour celebrations?

Check out our Fennel Rickey and other good stuff for refreshment.