fermentation & pickling

Our family has been preserving food through pickling and fermentation for generations as a way to have access to delicious and healthy vegetables throughout the year.  In fact, our Farmer’s Stash Pickles are a nod to our grandmother’s delicious recipe, and our parents were pickling and fermenting in their basement when we were growing up in Chicago – yeah, we may have been that “weird” family back in the day but hey, we were ahead of the times in terms of the popularity of these methods today. 
We are inspired by this tradition and evolve and expand these wonderful foods to create distinctive tastes as standalone products and as unique ingredients in our gourmet ready-to-eat offerings.  

We’ve taken that tradition and revved it up with the following delicious flavors:


Our grandma always had a batch of amazing pickles she would pull out for parties when we visited her.  The family and the farm are our inspiration for our Farmer's Stash Pickles.  We think you’ll appreciate the spices with just a hint of sweetness. Share them at your next get together – they will not last long!


Raw, crunchy and delicious sauerkraut with a subtle sweet and citrusy finish added by the carrot and coriander. It's filled with nutrients and probiotics to keep your gut nice and healthy. 


What the heck is Pickled Fennel?!  It’s our favorite alternative (or addition!) to onions and hot sauce for extra zing in your dish. Try our Pickled Fennel once and you will put in on everything! We especially like it on eggs, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads, charcuterie boards, and your favorite sausage or dog.