"Our goal is to craft deliciously distinctive food and beverages with natural ingredients, while trying to support a better and thoughtful food system."

chris chowaniec

Chris has roots in consulting and prowess as an operations and technology project management executive within the market research industry. His creative side brought him closer to food via photography. Chris started his own photography business in 2009, and shoots for the Silicon Valley edition of Edible Magazine and is a freelancer for Food & Wine Magazine and several cookbook authors. He has been trained in Classic Culinary Arts at the California campus of the International Culinary Center (founded as the French Culinary Institute) and has worked in a handful of Michelin Star and charcuterie kitchens.  This unique mix gives The Chow Brothers the guidance and dedication to quality and delivering exceptional food.  He also strongly believes that stewardship within the food system is recognizing all the pillars of the Farm-to-Table movement:  sustainability in the food system that is accountable to the environment, to our health, to our social structures, and to practical economics.  He is a graduate of Northwestern University, an entrepreneur who has spent some time in San Francisco and is back home in Chicago.

Chef Mark.jpg

mark chowaniec

Mark is passionate about good food and where it comes from – relishing moments entertaining others while making everyone feel like they are family.  He earned his culinary credentials through staging at restaurants and moonlighting as a private chef for events around Chicago.  He lends his success in creating unique products and solutions for other companies to The Chow Brothers – dedicated to serving food lovers with distinctive tastes and treat them as if they are all our close family, friends and loved ones.  Mark graduated from Northern Illinois University and calls Chicago his home and (affectionately) also his girlfriend.  In addition to his love of food, he is also involved in philanthropy through the Associates Board for Ravinia Festival – contributing to efforts of the organization and its REACH*TEACH*PLAY education programs supporting music education and appreciation within Chicagoland schools.