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 Central European Gastronomy - Elevated Pierogi, Re-imagined Polish Food

Modern & Re-Imagined Food from Poland and Her Neighbors

Old School Techniques, New School Flavors

We want you to rethink what you may or may not know about Polish and Central European gastronomy -reimagining the recipes from our heritage to make FLAVOR BOMBS that will make our food your new obsession.  We use old school techniques of natural pickling, fermentation, brewing, and braising to bring big, bold flavors to every bite.


We make something for everyone (V, VG, GF Included) with respect to discerning palates, modern diets, and busy lifestyles.


 Our food is polkalicious! 


Gourmet Pierogi /pe'ro:gi/

Embrace your love of dumplings.  We've reimagined the pierogi in a way that is elevated and less-heavy than traditional varieties. We were obsessed with creating a dough that is light and melts in your mouth while still being true to our Babcia’s lessons -giving you more filling than dough and creating that satisfying FLAVOR BOMB in your mouth without that weighed-down feeling.


All our pierogi dough is made with non-GMO flour and is 100% vegan -we practice what we say in being inclusive.


You can enjoy our delicious pierogi with distinctive flavors at home anytime. 


What's a Pierogi?  Click Here.


vinegar & Brine

Got a little obsession for all-things-pickled?  Looking for that probiotic balance in your belly? We got you covered with healthy-goodness in various delicious AF forms. 


Our pickled and fermented goods are meant to be enjoyed in many ways - like eating the whole jar in one sitting (we don't judge) or adding a little tangy & zesty magic to all your meals or celebrations. Up your brunch and party game with our pickled veggies & brine to enhance your Bloody Mary's or add a Pickle-Back to your healthy love of all-things whisky. 


You'll be able to grab & go with our pickled & fermented goods at our Loop location in Spring 2018.


Brewed & more

You're probably getting a sense that we like to have a good time and make fun happen with all our food -making beverages is no exception.  We use the old school technique of making kompot and create natural new flavors such as our Fennel Rickey -a distinctive flavor for your everyday hydration needs or happy hour gatherings.


You'll be able to enjoy our Rickey Bar in Spring 2018.


What's a Kompot?