We use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible and we always look to support local and family businesses.

It’s one thing to have passion, but to proactively work at making a difference takes an entirely different animal. We are working on getting all of our products Certified Organic and we currently partner with CCOF Organic certified Pie Ranch just 1.5 hours south of San Francisco to ensure that we obtain our ingredients in a responsible way while supporting an organization that practices sustainable farming and cultivates a healthy and just food system from seed to table – just like us! The Agricultural Justice Project has recognized their efforts and recently certified Pie Ranch for delivering fair treatment of workers, fair pricing for farmers, and fair business practices.  We also support Earl’s Organic Produce wholesalers in San Francisco

We're excited to be a new Member Candidate in the Specialty Food Association -  "A community of passionate people, championing and nurturing the specialty food industry to growth, sustainability and success."  With their help, we look forward to becoming full members and participating in the Fancy Food Show - bringing our unique brand and products to a larger community.

Helping Us Get started

Additionally, we want to give a shout out to our production and fund-raising partners below.  Everyone has a place where they get their start and support - without these great organizations, we would still be in our kitchens, trying to figure it out.



Interested in partnering with us?

We always have room at our table and we're always looking to collaborate on making great food and supporting a better food system. 

If you support what we do and are interested in potential opportunities between your organization and ours, Contact Us and we'll get it going!