our Pierogi

Growing up, the Queen of Pierogi was our grandmother.  When she would come over and bust out her pierogi making skills, we watched her with awe (and drooling mouths) as she created the stuffed wonders for dinner.  We saw the meticulous attention to how the dough was made, the filling prepared, and how the crimp had to be perfect in order to hold together – quality control and flavor preservation were essential.  

Babcia (bahb-cha = grandma in Polish) is our inspiration for this traditional food we’ve elevated to a new level.  We took the lessons she taught us and apply our passion for creating distinctive flavors to bring you a new line of chef-driven gourmet pierogi – always evolving and exciting with new and seasonal varieties. Babcia is proud – we definitely asked for her approval.   


Wine braised beef pierogi

Seasoned ground meat is boring.  We bathe our beef in a mélange of red wine and an aromatic herb-vegetable mirepoix to develop a rich, fragrant, and decadent flavor that makes your taste buds put on a jacket.  Hey, we respect French cooking – no reason we wouldn’t use the dumpling as a vehicle for delivering it to new fans.


Purple Potato and Goat Cheese 

When we say we’re distinctive, we mean down to the particular color of our potatoes.  While purple gives it a curious color, the real star is the marriage of delicious potato, goat cheese and aromatic rosemary.  We add corn for subtle sweetness and color contrast, but you should add this to your regular Wednesday Pierogi Party – it’s a thing.


hunter's stew pierogi

Hunter’s Stew is traditionally an amazing dish comprised of cabbage, sauerkraut, forest mushrooms (in our case porcini), with smoked and braised meat (we use Polska Kielbasa and smoked pork shoulder).  It’s flavor powerhouse and we decided it was about time someone made a dumpling out of it - you’ll be blown away with just one bite.


traditional potato and farmer cheese pierogi

Traditional but in no way ordinary – an enhanced profile with distinctive seasonings, potato, sautéed onion, and the subtle sweetness of farmer’s cheese.