Pierogi: An Extremely Abbreviated History

As with all great cuisine across most cultures, amazing recipes started as peasant food and out of need for sustenance and survival.  Pierogi are no exception, but they did quickly become a favorite amongst all classes in Poland, with more appeal as a festive food – Christmas, Easter, Weddings, other Celebrations.  There were different fillings for different occasions and generally, they were all delicious.

These wonderful dumplings can be found in Central and Eastern European countries by various names.  However, the one name you can say for all is “lovely pockets of deliciousness”.  They are made from unleavened dough wrapped around tasty filling and there are legends of where they came from – some say Marco Polo brought them over from Asia, some say aliens (no, not really – we think), but wherever they started, they were developed by different cultures in different ways.

We grew up with the tradition and tip our hats to the generations of trail-blazing dumpling makers throughout the centuries-long history of this food.  We now take that tradition and evolve it to the next level of flavor and excitement – welcome to The Chow Brothers distinct takes on a classic food staple.